My last week was not really productive with regards to my CPA and Amazon campaign and there would be some reason for that. In my own opinion Lead Impact is not probably the right traffic source when it comes to promoting products from I promoted more than 10 products, while I have more than 4,000 clicks I just got few sales of low priced products which means very little commission, so little that I am not comfortable of mentioning it here because it was a total disaster.Frustrated man2 My CPA And Amazon Campaign Test With Lead Impact


But I have noticed with my CPA campaign, while the earnings is not satisfactory too, it somehow earns if compares to the money I spent in advertising and I guess, it because this is not also the right traffic source for some CPA products, therefore we have a reason to say that if starting with Lead Impact spend a little for testing the campaign and try another product to promote if the first one didn’t work out. My mistake was, although I changed the product but I still promoting another products from Amazon and it was too late when I realized it as it already burned my $150. The disappointing things was that I promoted a very expensive products with a view to have a good ROI fast, it had turned out with a totally different story in the end as it only sold products that I didn’t even think of promoting. I would say that 7 search would be a bit better for promoting products from Amazon because I did some advertising there before,


If I didn’t earn through lead impact it doesn’t mean that many advertisers there are not earning, otherwise there would be no advertisers that will use that platform. But it always takes a while and money to finally hit the targeted market without somebody to guide it. So the proper mindset will come into play. I am confident that if I hit the right products all my loses will be recovered fast and the next would be many happy days.


BIG IDEA MASTERMIND is coming very, very soon, so hold your breath and witness the good history in the in hat My CPA And Amazon Campaign Test With Lead Impact

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