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What are the differences between these two? Will any of these could create a strong foundation in your online business? Let’s start with the Big Idea Mastermind, big idea mastermind will power up the promotion of Empower Network to the general public. Empower Network is today’s new era of affiliate marketing because it combined the traditional affiliate marketing method with multi level marketing but less complexity and no heartache for the late comer or for the one which is at the bottom line. As in the past the person in the top level position would only get the benefit of the cream of the crop while other late comers would struggle to climb to some top position and finally earn the kind of income they are hoping for. While there are a lot of multi level marketing that had emerged in the past, there were just a few that had managed to become successful at it and the majority are losers and weepers. Can this kind of online business be called fair?


In search of other ways to generate income through the internet some had fallen victims to scammers, some had given up chasing after the winds of these set up after losing money, and some were passing through the hole of a needle to thrive. Wouldn’t’ it be wise then to look for a one that has a good track record? In Empower Network, the 98 percent of its  members are earning money and are happy because they have dedicated their effort to execute the established formula of success. in other words, if everyone will do the same thing all of them will end up a winner. One’s success depends on his not sweaty  hard work but just few hours a week of implementing the proven formula of blogging and advertising. The earnings are huge with just a few thousands investment and it is a fast earnings in comparison to many offline business whereby you have to prepare a much bigger capital needed in which ordinary worker such a myself will be impossible to produced.

rat Big Idea Mastermind And The Traditional Affiliate MarketingWhile the Empower Network has the proven formula, the Big Idea Mastermind System will make this a lot more powerful by generating thousands or millions of traffic in a short period of time. Mr. Vick Trizheus, the creator of Big Idea Mastermind, (The King Of Online Traffic) promises that he will deliver the traffic generating method that few internet marketers known and would create a good history in the field of affiliate marketing, experienced marketers and newbie alike will reap the benefit of this system.


The traditional affiliate marketing system of generating traffic always takes time do, expensive that some niches became not profitable and many had said that some of it are not working anymore. The Big Idea Mastermind’s traffic strategy is designed for quick profit with less work and it is yet to be revealed soon, when it finally open few days from now, so hold your breath fellows and stay tuned

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